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YEGFILM is a community for incubating, accelerating, completing, and distributing audiovisual content.

Discover the benefits of working with YEGFILM

We work with you to achieve your goals with the best resources and knowledge available.
Results Driven
Our projects are always delivered on time, on schedule, and putting your best interest first.
Equity Budgeting
Your budget is allocated to the needs with the most effective ROI, maximizing your resources.

We have come a long way to support our arts community and create safe spaces for artists!

YEGFILM stands out from other Edmonton film and television production companies for its emphasis on using a collaborative approach to engage the widest diversity of creative professionals to connect with unique clusters of audiences in diverse geographic, social, and individual settings.

Supporting Edmonton’s Audiovisual Community

We offer a wide selection of services to help the audiovisual community of Edmonton to create high-quality content, reach their ideal audience and distribute their films across the world.

YEGFILM also provides grant writing services, mentoring, and helps organizations looking to provide and promote arts venues.