Cinema is our language

Cinema is our languageCinema is our languageCinema is our languageCinema is our language

An artist is immensely valuable to the community. Let's level up our art to spread local love, kindness, and engagement.


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Adam Bentley, the face of #yegfilm, is an Edmonton-based screenwriter, filmmaker, and founder of the International Festival of Winter Cinema. He produces video works on the anxiety that comes with other people interpreting ones’ own culture, beliefs, practices, and values. Adam was awarded the highly competitive Edmonton Arts Council’s Cultural Diversity in the Arts grant and is a two-time recipient of the provincial Alberta Foundation for the Arts’ Cultural Relations grant. His works have been screened at film festivals across Canada, the United States, and Europe. His work has also been featured on Air Canada and CBC television. When not writing or filming, he can be found biking, summer or winter, in Edmonton’s river valley.

Featured Work - Hila

A collaboration with Juno winner, Tiffany Ayalik where we made art! The first ever choreographed snow shoes dance film. Seen at several film festivals in Canada and the USA. 

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