Arts and Culture

Arts & Culture Services

YEGFILM offers the best strategies for organizations looking to provide a safe and thriving space for Edmonton’s arts community. Furthermore, through our mentoring and coaching services, we ensure that our artists have all the tools for a successful career.

Discover the benefits of working with YEGFILM

We work with you to achieve your goals with the best resources and knowledge available.
Results Driven
Our projects are always delivered on time, on schedule, and putting your best interest first.
Equity Budgeting
Your budget is allocated to the needs with the most effective ROI, maximizing your resources.

Arts & Culture Organizational Strategy

Transforming cultural spaces through effective strategies

We develop the best strategy for you or your organization to reach your full potential, creating effective leaders and cultural promoters in the process. YEGFILM assists you to level up clients’ arts or culture organization with mentorship, strategic reports, engagement, or other services.

Artist Mentoring & Coaching

Reach your full potential through the right guidance

One of the main purposes of YEGFILM is to inspire visual artists to take meaningful action. We can assist you in being the artist you’ve always wanted to be and producing the work you’ve always wanted to produce. Through personalized mentoring, you will be able to plan and implement your professional goals at any stage of your artistic practices in a way that you enjoy artistic practice as an experience as opposed to a chore.