Film Production Services

Thanks to YEGFILM’s professional services and expert knowledge, your next film production will be on point, on time, and on budget. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, YEGFILM supports filmmakers who are ready to take the next step but aren’t sure how or where to start.

Discover the benefits of working with YEGFILM

We work with you to achieve your goals with the best resources and knowledge available.
Results Driven
Our projects are always delivered on time, on schedule, and putting your best interest first.
Equity Budgeting
Your budget is allocated to the needs with the most effective ROI, maximizing your resources.

Feature Film, Television & Documentary Production

Turn your script into reality!

We produce and support the production of feature films, television and documentaries in a project management and/or administration role, with a focus on production coordination, budgeting and idea development.

Short Film Production & Assistant Directing

Effectively communicate your vision

We assist you with the planning, production, and realization of short videos, documentaries, and experimental films. We supervise the production managers and serve as the point of contact between the director, and the rest of the cast and production team.

Story Editing

Improve your script and take it to the next level

We provide prompt and detailed feedback from an experienced screenwriter on short or feature scripts, storyboards, treatments, or other film production documents. We improve the chances of your script submissions being accepted at a production company or of a theater company director producing your play.